Masai Mara – Photo T. Cellier

<p>Masai Mara – <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

Chobe National Park – Photo T. Cellier

<p>Chobe National Park – <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

Serengeti – Photo T. Cellier

<p>Serengeti – <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

The Residence – Zanzibar   Photo T. Cellier

<p>The Residence – Zanzibar   <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

Moremi  – Botswana    Photo T. Cellier

<p>Moremi  – Botswana    <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

Linyanti Botswana Photo T. Cellier

<p>Linyanti Botswana <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

The allure and adventure of an African safari has intrigued travellers for hundreds of years. From the rugged routes forged by David Livingstone to the rolling green hills that inspired Ernest Hemingway, we invite you to effortlessly absorb Africa’s wildness and tranquility through one of our tailor-made or small group safari. Whether you seek out luxury, authenticity, adventure or romance, we will use our first-hand knowledge and passion for the continent, along with our long-standing relationships with our partners, to design the ultimate tour of Africa.
Traveling South America offers infinite opportunities to a solo explorer, a group of friends or an intrepid family. From the wonders of the Inca Trail to the rugged Andean peaks and quiet corners of Amazon, the continent teems with adventure. If history and culture interests you most, you will certainly want to spend time the colonial cities of Antigua in Guatemala and Cuenca in Ecuador, where visitors are transported back in time through the well-preserved Spanish architecture. Though, if you are looking to connect with cultures that predate European settlement, head to Tikal in Guatemala to visit ancient Maya ruins, or Machu Pichu in Peru to visit one of the greatest Inca cities.For many however, the raw nature is the primary draw to Central and South America. The Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador are infamous for unique species and total wilderness. Hiking trips to the Cotopaxi through the wild Andean mountains and along the Salkantay Trail are two epic adventures.
Let us reveal the areas that have inspired so many before you against a backdrop of personalized service and phenomenal accommodations – it truly will be the experience of a lifetime!

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