Masai Mara – Photo T. Cellier

<p>Masai Mara – <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

Chobe National Park – Photo T. Cellier

<p>Chobe National Park – <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

Serengeti – Photo T. Cellier

<p>Serengeti – <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

The Residence – Zanzibar   Photo T. Cellier

<p>The Residence – Zanzibar   <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

Moremi  – Botswana    Photo T. Cellier

<p>Moremi  – Botswana    <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

Linyanti Botswana Photo T. Cellier

<p>Linyanti Botswana <em>Photo T. Cellier</em></p>

The allure and adventure of an African safari has intrigued travellers for hundreds of years. From the rugged routes forged by David Livingstone to the rolling green hills that inspired Ernest Hemmingway, we invite you to effortlessly absorb Africa’s wildness and tranquility through one of our tailor-made or small group safari. Whether you seek out luxury, authenticity, adventure or romance, we will use our first-hand knowledge and passion for the continent, along with our long-standing relationships with our partners, to design the ultimate tour of Africa.
Let us reveal the areas that have inspired so many before you against a backdrop of personalized service and phenomenal accommodation – it truly will be the experience of a lifetime!

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