Magical Peru

Exploring New Destiantion: Peruvian Andes Trek in Mountain Lodges & Property Inspections

By Jen Lubey

Peru and the soaring peaks of the Andes never cease to amaze and allure me back.

I recently returned to Peru to better familiarize myself with more charming and unique properties and exciting experiences to offer our clients at Heritage Safaris.


Jen Lubey at Machu Picchu

Magical and unforgettable is visiting ‘Machu Picchu’ the legendary ‘Lost City of the Incas’. Magical too though is the journey you choose to take there.

In the past I traveled to Machu Picchu in various ways; Peru Rail’s scenic and fun ‘Vista Dome Train’ as well trekked the famous ‘Inca Trail’ and the lesser known but equally as beautiful ‘Lares Trek’.

This time I travelled, in luxury, hiking 6 days along the Salkantay Trail’ enjoying the comfort and service of enchanting top quality mountain lodges (some with even outdoor Jacuzzis and masseuses) located in pristine areas and finally reaching Machu Picchu. The ‘Salkantay Lodge’, which takes its name from Mt. Salkantay (6,270 m) the 2nd most sacred peak in Inca mythology, was pretty incredible.

Salkantay Mountain Lodge


Led by a superb guide we traversed across magnificent mountain passes, mystical snow-capped peaks and explored more than 15 different ecosystems while experiencing the rich culture and very friendly indigenous people. Our small group experienced an incredibly powerful  ‘Pachamama’ sacred ceremony led by a Shaman on top a mystical mountain peak, and as well rode horses,  a zip line and even a cable car amidst stunning scenery.  The icing on the cake was the final day on trek at Llactapata Pass and Ruins, where we come upon a distant but spectacular view of Machu Picchu Sanctuary from the southeast, a view few travelers ever get a chance to admire.

Upon arrival to the town of Machu Picchu we checked into the gorgeous ‘Inkaterra Pueblo Hotel’, an Andean cloud forest paradise overlooking the rushing Vilcanota River.

Without a doubt the ultimate experience is to marvel at ‘Machu Picchu’, a spectacular and magical ‘Spiritual Splendor in the Clouds’. You will be in awe.

Machu Picchu view from Salkantay Trek

I look forward to assist you plan your special journey of a lifetime to beautiful Peru and the breathtaking ‘Lost City of the Incas’, Machu Picchu.