From the exotic jungles encapsulating sacred sites of the Incan Empire to the staggering snow-capped peaks and valleys of the Andes Mountains, Peru is an adventure lover’s paradise. Whether you want to trek the ancient winding pathways of the Inca Trail or paddle your way down the Amazon jungle in a hand-carved dugout canoe, swim with rare pink dolphins or explore the monumental adobe temples and pre-Inca ruins along the spectacular desert coast, Peru will leave you breathless. Exuding vibrant Andean culture and one of the world’s richest heritages, Peru is just as famous for its sublime cuisine as its fabulous archaeological arsenal, offering an array of exotic tastes to appeal to curious palates. Hidden highland towns boast vivacious fiestas and colorful markets while the brooding emerald jungles hold a wealth of diverse wildlife and adrenaline-fuelled adventure.