Judy L. North Vancouver BC|South Africa, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar | March 2016

Thierry, you did a masterful job! Our trip was practically seamless. Visiting so many countries, hotels, national parks and airports there were many opportunities for problems. And yet we were met at every airport (with only one late arrival) every hotel welcomed us, every driver had all the paperwork for each of the many national parks and full information on our itineraries and expectations. Seamless.  The drivers we had were all so knowledgable and skilled. One was less personable but all the others were like family by the time we parted company. I must mention that Gamewatchers Safaris graciously stored two pieces of baggage for us as we left on safari and returned it right on time through their drivers.
The hotels were all wonderful experiences. Victoria Falls was simply superb. The Balloon camp in Tanangiri was one of the most serenely beautiful experiences of my life – from the setting to the hospitality to the African TV we were invited to watch.  We were on time for all our flights thanks to our drivers. And not all the planes were on time- some left early!!
Going to Africa to see magnificent animals and different cultures is only a dream for many people. Because of you not only was this dream of mine fulfilled, but you made it into an unforgettably magical,once in a lifetime experience.  Thank you Thierry for your organizational skills, for the contacts you drew on to assist us, for the gift of a foster elephant and for the extra special Talisman luncheon. The only words I can think of to say thank you properly are Assante Sana! Assante Sana!
Warm regards. Judy