Alan, Pauline, Steve, Edie, Maria | Kenya-Tanzania Escorted Safari | Sept 2014

We just wanted to say thank you again, to everyone for an extreme not bad (i.e. terrific) trip. It really was the experience of a lifetime and you guys were certainly part of that. It was great to share the experience with you all and I appreciate that sometimes we saw things through difference lenses which contributed to making the experience that much richer.  A special thank you to Thierry – you really put an amazing trip together and we were very fortunate in having you accompany us. Alan.

I agree with Alan, this was one of the most “not bad” experiences of my life. I checked and only gained a couple of pounds. Great trip, great people and great itinerary. Edie and I are so glad we chose the escorted package, Thierry. We can’t imagine Africa with out you. Next time you see James and Augustine, please thank them for doing a great job. Now onto editing a thousand photos. Thanks again everyone. Steve.