Allan & Jane O. – Delta BC | Tanzania & Zanzibar | May 2016

Hi Thierry: What a fabulous vacation. Jane and I enjoyed every moment of it. It was far more than we had imagined. Everything stated on the itinerary you gave us was spot on. The guides were there to greet us when they were expected, the safaris were great as we saw the Big Five (although, the Rhino was a long way away we did see him), hotels were extraordinary, staff at the hotels were more than helpful and very friendly and, for the most part, food was wonderful too. Our guide for the safari Athmani , was extremely informative and made sure we saw all the animals and birds. His eyesight must have been more than 20/20 because he found animals when it took us a little longer even with binoculars. But, I guess he’d been in the business for so long that it probably came second nature to him to know where to expect to find all the wildlife. Jane’s favorite were the elephants and we sure saw our share. Close to the road, crossing the road, even trumpeting when one land cruiser got a flat and started making noise to distract the herd. It really was a magnificent sight. As I said, the hotels were extraordinary with beds being bigger than our own king size. Our favorite was the Tarangire Treetops. We were treated like royalty as we were the only guests for part of the day. Our room was perfect with all modern conveniences down to a dual shower. Our time in Zanzibar was an eye opener. On a par, somewhat, with visiting the Casbah in Morocco! A little scary but informative. The market blew us away. All the spices, fruit, meat and seafood smells were flooding our senses. And, the people…..boy, so many milling around vying for the best price on merchandise. It was a treat to see the many faces of Zanzibar. Our guide also took us to a spice farm where we were overwhelmed with smells and uses for different spices. If there had been a test as to what the leaves smelt like we would have failed miserably. It was a very helpful tour and we came away with knowledge that we didn’t have before. All in all a very good day. Then, for our last stop we arrived at Breezes Beach Club and Spa. Thierry, it was wonderful. Just enough time to relax before our long trek home. The lodge, the staff the amenities……great. With it being the ‘off season’ there weren’t too many people so it made it more like our own special little oasis. I have now swum in three of the world’s oceans – Pacific, Atlantic and Indian. It really was the best way to end a vacation that we wish we could’ve stayed longer. So, to recap…..the whole trip was fantastic. The best whirlwind trip we’ve ever been on. Thierry, you did an excellent job and we thank you very much for your time and guidance. All the best to you.
Allan and Jane