Andy &Emily P. |Connaught, ON |Botswana, Zimbabwe & Namibia |June 2014

Jennifer, Our trip was great form start to finish. The way the different camps were set up and well organized really stood out for us both. The timing of all the different drop offs and pick-ups for the flights and travel were unbelievable. Everyone we encountered were truly polite and professional in all aspects of our stays, from guides to cleaning staff and all in-between. We had good luck on all of our safaris and encountered more wildlife than we had ever hoped for. The time we spent in the sand dunes was windy but lent to our experience being a little different from what one would normally expect so it made it unequally ours. Victoria Falls was great with all its mist and great scenery. It’s hard to believe we are back the time went so fast. We came back with lots of great pictures and even better memories to carry us far into the future. Thank for your part in making our once in a life time trip a success. We would highly recommend any of the camps and lodges to anyone.  Thank you again.