Cheryl B. Vancouver BC | Tanzania – Zanzibar

Safari… what can I say…. from the brilliance of Dearson (great animal/geography/ecological information, fascinating conversations about marriage practices, world economics and discrimination, excellent driving skills in deep water/mud conditions) to the pleasure of Ndutu Lodge and KatiKati Tented camp to the jaw dropping sight of thousands of wildebeest spread across the plains… it was great! I don’t know if you requested Dearson specifically for us but I can’t recommend him highly enough. Sunny Safaris was also the right choice. Not too fancy or frilly but still comfy! Thierry, what most comes to my mind about working with you is that you listened to what I was looking for and tailored it just right. I will and already have recommended you to others planning trips to Africa.  I look forward to working with you in the future as I will be going back!