Darlene H. Delta BC | Kenya – Tanzania – Uganda – Kili Climb – Zambia – South Africa |Aug. 2014

Hi Thierry,
We have to thank you for putting together an incredible trip and coordinating all of the details – it was all very seamless, we never ran into any issues with drivers picking us up, everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and some of the accommodations were incredible (loved Serengeti Bushtops and the Royal Livingstone).
This trip had a lot of connections, and dealt with many different tour companies – we were pretty impressed, as you know we all come from the travel industry, so we would not have been too surprised if we ran into a few glitches with the amount of connections, etc. but we didn’t,  we even commented at the end that there is no way this would have been so seamless if we were travelling between Provinces in Canada. So kiddos to you and the tour operators you selected.
Thank you again for arranging this amazing trip – we will highly recommend your service.