David & Barbara W. Vineland Station ON | Uganda | Sept 2017

Hi Thierry. We have told people that overall the trip far exceeded our expectations.  We thought that the gorilla trekking would be by far the highlight of the trip and although the trekking was the top attraction, there were many things that we would regard as a very close second.  The chimp tracking was great, the many game drives were unbelievable (by the end of the trip we saw all of the big 5) and the Batwa experience was enlightening and interesting as well as moving.  Everything went smoothly with Far Horizons.  They were there to meet us and Judith did an excellent job of preparing us for the trip.  And I cannot say enough about our driver, Elias.  He rates an 11 out of 10.  We were so impressed with his knowledge and affability.  He took really good care of us and he was a big part of making the trip so memorable.   The accommodations were all top notch at each and every location.  The food, the ambiance and staff were all superb. Thank you so much for your part in helping me make my wife’s dream come true; that is to see the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.  This was certainly a trip of a lifetime.  I would highly recommend Uganda as a destination for anyone wanting to see Africa.  For such a small country it offers so much – practically everything you would want in an African vacation. One of the most remarkable things we found about Uganda was the people we met.  Ugandans are so friendly and warm.  In all our travels, including other countries in Africa, we have never encountered people who were more affable and eager to please.  I am grateful that I engaged an expert to book the trip for our first real solo adventure in Africa.