Derwin and Chris A – Regina SK | / South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe | May 2015

Hi Jen,  In planning our safari Jennifer Lubey with Heritage Safaris, spent considerable time getting to know our preferences for location, level of accommodation, length of stay, budget and activities.   All of our planning was done easily and successfully by telephone and email as Jen is based in Calgary and we live elsewhere.   Even though we never met her, Jen is like a friend.  Jen is most responsive to any questions, and can speak with confidence, having been on safaris and stayed in the camps she is recommending. She organized a wonderful itinerary for us and booked the camps in the best sequence to make every stop amazing and non-repetitive. The entire trip, including several camps, airports, airstrips, transfers, tours, and luggage storage, went extremely well, without the slightest hitch. We especially enjoyed observing the wildlife in their natural environment and routine.  Thanks to Jen, our trip greatly exceeded our expectations.
Thanks again!