Dianne R. Fort Fraser BC | Tanzania

Hello Thierry,   My mom and I just returned from our Safari to Tanzania.Words cannot describe the amazing and wonderful time that we had!  The itinerary was perfectly suited to my mom’s mobility issues; it was well thought out and presented a variety of experiences and animals to view.  With having just my mom and I with one guide, it provided the flexibility needed to work around my mom.  We could not believe the number of animals that we were able to see!  It definitely was a “you need to see it to believe it” type of experience!  We were able to see the ‘Big 5’, the wildebeest and zebras massing for their migration, many other birds and animals, and many, many elephants; to my mom’s delight!  Added in we visited a Masaai boma,  had one of the local guides accompany us into the Oldupai Gorge to provide commentary for our experience there, were treated to musical/cultural presentations at the Ngorongoro Serena Lodge, and had some amazing meals at each of the spectacular lodges. We could not believe the accommodations that awaited us at the end of each day after traveling on remote, bumpy, and dusty roads!     We cannot say enough about our guide from Sunny Safaris, Athman Somobwana.  He has a keen eye for spotting animals, he knows the country well, he was always well prepared for the day,  he was a very good driver for the back road conditions, and he was extremely good with my mom.  He brought a box from his house to help my mom get in and out of the land rover, he made sure that the bathroom stops were timely, he phoned ahead to ensure that we had a room close to the reception area for each accommodation so that my mom did not have to walk so far, and he helped her generally throughout the day.  When we left, he stayed at the airport with us until he was sure that everything would go okay for us.  We had many interesting conversations with Athman throughout the days, and learned so much from him about the animals and about Tanzania.  We had the added treat of meeting his family on the last day and having tea with them.  We have made new friends!  I highly recommend Athman as a guide for anyone.  He is highly talented, works very hard, and yet is a very humble individual.     Thank you for organizing this amazing experience for us.  If you have other elderly clients with mobility issues, the itinerary you provided works well.  Staying at some venues for 2 nights was helpful in that we didn’t have to pack up completely each day.  The driving distances worked well.  We were apparently there in the ‘low season’; truly we enjoyed not having the huge crowds that can apparently be present.  Many times we were far from other vehicles, yet we always felt perfectly safe.  And there was certainly lots of animals to view!   Thank you so much for everything.  You can be sure that I will recommend ‘The Heritage Safari Company’ to anyone who would care to listen. Sincerely