Dorothy & Deepan – Markham, Ontario | South Africa | July 2015

Jen Lubey (Heritage Safari Company) arranged our stay in South Africa. We were in two amazing locations which were Chippungu and Simbambili. The experience we had was fantastic. Seeing the animals in the reserve, in their own natural habitat and observing their survival skills hunting for food and escaping predators was an experience in a life time, as this is a phenomenon we would never be able to see where animals are captive.
The accommodations we had in both locations were very comfortable. The food was exotic and the people were so friendly, pleasant and helpful.
The whole experience from Jen’s initial e-mails followed by her phone calls and to the end was professional, well planned and cost effective.  The Heritage Safari Company was able to come up with a suitable itinerary with our interest and budget in 3 days.
Throughout the tour, we continued to be in touch with Jen at the Heritage Safari Company via e-mail and it was reassuring and comforting to know that all involved in the vacation were notified and were expecting our arrival.
The tour guides were well informed, knowledgeable and were able to share personal experiences and information that one does not find in print.  Both the country and tours were safe.  We would highly recommend the Heritage Safari Company and would certainly like to visit this place again. Thank you