Eileen and John G – Calgary, AB | Tanzania | Dec 2019

Hi Jen, We have wrapped up our fabulous safari. Thank you so much for arranging this amazing trip for us!
We had the best time ever in Tanzania! Every day was truly amazing. Godwin was outstanding!! The animal sightings were the best we have ever had and the cultural experience with the Masai, Hadzabe and Datooga were highlights of our trip. You and Heritage Travel did an amazing job for us.  We were sad to say goodbye to Godwin yesterday. He was amazing, so friendly and knowledgeable. He knew exactly where to be at every moment to find some very exciting animal sightings for us. He did an excellent job and we consider him a friend.
Some highlights are; 100’s of wildebeests crossing the Ndutu lake, lions eating a kill, a beautiful leopard in a tree then hunting, 3 lions attacking a hippo, 2 elephant mud bath/pool parties at close proximity, a pride of lionesses with cubs, 7 cheetahs, 2 lions mating, 1000’s of zebra and wildebeest on migration and more giraffes than we can count. The crater was spectacular, the drive onward to Serengeti was so green and beautiful with 10’s of thousands of wildebeests and zebras along the way. We especially loved the Ronjo camp. You feel so connected there.  We were able to do a sunset walk with the Masai and the morning walk thru Olduvai which were both fantastic. Olduvai gorge and the museum were so interesting to us. We learned a lot. The hunt with Hadzabe was unbelievably cool. They are such skilled hunters. They shot and bbq’d a bush baby. WOW, what an experience that was. We also enjoyed meeting the Datooga tribe. All in all, the safari was a total success, we loved every minute!

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