Erika & Garry – Gananoque ON | Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar | Feb 2017

Hi Thierry, The trip was amazing. We had a wonderful time. Everywhere we went we were met with smiles and courtesy. Seeing the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda was a lot of fun. We didn’t realize how close we would actually get to them. It is something I would certainly recommend to anyone going to Africa. Touring the genocide memorial was very sobering. I still find it so hard to believe that something like that could happen and the world just stands by and turns a blind eye. Enjoyed Nairobi Kenya and staying at the House of Waine, especially on Valentine Day. We were treated royally. I asked Garry how he was going to top that next Valentine Day. Brought some information home about adopting a baby Elephant and enjoyed the Giraffe breeding farm. I did not realize there were different breeds of Giraffe and that some breeds were becoming extinct. Was impressed with the factory started by the two women and how it has grown, but still employing women in need. The Serengeti in Tanzania was amazing. It was everything we hoped for and more. Joseph, our guide was top notch. Every day we were out exploring and seeing something new. Being that close to the wildlife was amazing. Listening the Lions at night getting closer and closer and feeling like they might just stick their nose through the door. Hearing and seeing animals right outside our door as well was really something. The accommodation on the Serengeti and, everywhere else was great. Even the mobile tent camp that we stayed in was something. I have to admit I was taken aback at first but pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was and how accommodating the staff were. If you go to the Serengeti you have to experience it. I will always have a funny story about taking a shower there and having a guy outside my tent controlling the hot water. Zanzibar was a great way to end our trip. The tour that we took of Stonetown and the countryside was excellent. The resort was very nice. What we didn’t realize was how hot Zanzibar was. Even the Indian Ocean was like a very warm bathtub. Garry and I have been all over the Caribbean and never experienced that kind of heat. Enjoyed every minute of it, but wouldn’t have wanted to stay any longer.We met the other couple from Windsor Canada there and they said they had been enjoying their trip as well. All and all it was the trip of a lifetime and we enjoyed every minute of it. I would highly recommend your company to everyone who wants to go to Africa. You looked after us very well and Garry and I appreciate it.