Fabienne Y. Gatineau QC | Peru | Oct 2015

Jen, Long story short, I LOVED my second trip with Heritage Safaris. You, like Thierry, really lived up to your reputation once again. He had been absolutely fantastic during my Tanzanian safari and Zanzibar trip in 2011 and you were unbeatable for me in Peru this year!! I cannot tell you yet again how impressed I was by your constant presence during my Peruvian trek. As I was travelling alone, your quick responses to my emails and your suggestions and tips for places to see and restaurants/bars to explore were always bang-on. Organizing the tour the way you did, by starting out in the Sacred Valley and giving me time to acclimate to the increasing altitudes, really worked. The hotels booked for me were excellent, charming places where staff always went out of their way to make me comfortable, especially the Casa Andina in Aguas Calientes and the Quinta San Blas in Cusco, who both upgraded me immediately. As to the Monastério San Augustin de la Recoleta, their restaurant was absolutely excellent! Tucano Peru also took really great care of me, with José Luis always there to receive me and ensure my transfers at Sacred Valley (Urumbamba) and Cusco.I was amazed at the coordination between tour guides (all so extremely knowledgeable!) and Tucano Peru when, on the last tour, I decided to forgo the last part, which would have taken to 12,000 feet, as by then I was starting to feel exhausted and “sorochy”, if you’ll pardon the expression. I decided to stop off at the local Starbucks (yes, I am addicted!) and relax and warm up a bit. By the time I had made it back to the hotel, staff there had been alerted by Tucano Peru, who had been alerted by the guide, that I had quit the tour. They were worried about me as I did not make it back to the hotel immediately!! Talk about feeling protected! I look forward to planning my next great adventure with you guys soon!