Holly J – Calgary, AB | Tanzania, Rwanda, Victoria Falls, Botswana & South Africa | June 2016

Hi Jen, Wow!! Our Africa trip was so fabulous! All your hard work on putting everything together and co-ordinating everything for us really made the difference. Like truly every moment was so perfect. Jen, I think you knowing Africa inside and out and your passion for Africa really shines through. Even the package you gave us before we left was so nicely put together and informative. And just a little note on that …Jim said he would have liked to have had the booklet a little more ahead of time….not to be negative but just for your information…..what is the hip way…. FYI ;-0).  All of our guides you arranged for us were amazing. Very caring, knowledgeable and we felt very secure from driving on the beautiful dirt roads in the bush to driving on the busy highways in So. Africa’s wine country. All of our guides all seemed to just be so perfect in what they do and they were so personnel, right away we felt so comfortable being together with them. I am pretty sure Said ( pronounced Sigh-e-dee), who we had I think 9 days, was top dog-guide in the Safari world. You could tell he was very respected by the other guides. Jen if you get a chance to pick when you go again, you must request him. Also George as well, in Tarangire now he was younger but so wonderful and knowledgeable and really just his manner was really over the top. Well like I said ALL of our guides were so great! Just a special shout out to those two. Really Jen every moment, accommodation, time schedules, and people caring for us on our amazing adventure to Africa was so amazing, exciting and delicious. I feel so grateful to have had you put our trip together. I have been and will continue telling everyone that if they are going to Africa to make sure to get Jen Lubey at The Heritage Safari Company to set you up with their trip. If we had to do it all over again I would not change a thing. One word PURRRFECT,!!! Yes Sylvester purred when his head was on my lap and I was scratching behind his ear. Maybe someday we will be fortunate enough to try out some other countries in Africa and scheming up a plan with you again …..fingers crossed. Thank you so much again and many blessings to you Jen,