Jokers Hockey folks – Vancouver | South Africa | March 2017

Hi Thierry; I want to thank you and The Heritage Safari Company for the wonderful Safari that I and 11 other ” Jokers ” Hockey folks had a couple of weeks ago.! We were at the Kapama Buffalo
Camp, and I have nothing but praise for all those folks who made this such a successful Safari. Every aspect of the Safari experience was first class. As I told you in our meeting, the experience was so satisfying that, as I told you, it is my intention to bring all 9 persons in my family to Kapama, or similar within the next two years so that they may experience exactly what I did. My only problem with my experience was that the food was too good, and now I must try to get rid of some of those pounds.!!! All of ” your people ” were really ” first class ” in what they did for us, It was a truly magical experience, and I thank you all once again. WELL DONE.! Yours Truly, Victor Warren – North Vancouver

We really enjoyed the Kapama Buffalo Camp. Luxurious, excellent food, great attention to detail and wonderful staff. Exceeded my expectations., right down to the cool, wet facecloths after a dusty game drive each day. I think we are all going to give it positive ‘trip advisor’ write-ups. We saw all the big 5 ( apparently love was in the air, because all the animals were ‘frisky’!). Our tracker and ranger were superb, knowledgeable and worked hard to give us the best experience possible. The accommodation was lovely, and the staff were very responsive when I got stung by a huge hornet/wasp thing.( those hurt like hell!) The info we got from you in advance was also very helpful in ensuring we packed the right things, and not too much. So, overall, a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend it. Thanks very much. Cheers, Mary S. Vancouver