Ken M. & Felicia B. – Calgary, AB | Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana & South Africa | September 2018

Jen – a sincere thanks from both of us on a great trip. It was just fantastic. I want to thank Jen and Heritage Safaris for helping make my 60th birthday celebration such a lifetime trip. I purposely don’t say once in a lifetime because I am sure we will do it again. I like to plan my trips but deferred to using an agency and am glad I used Heritage Safaris– while it is possible to book your various camps, the logistics of moving from location to location would almost be overwhelming – Jen did an incredible job of ensuring seamless transition between multiple locations over 4 weeks of travel. Jen also provided some great insight on how to organize the trip, particularly including how to transition through Nairobi. Having never been on a safari, dealing with a local agency that you could meet with and discuss trip details was great. A trip of this length through four African countries is bound to have some glitches – I think the timely nature in which Jen handled these problems (none of which were of a major crisis) speaks volumes to how attentive Jen and Heritage Safaris were to every detail. Thanks for all your hard work.” Ken and Felicia

McKinnon Pic With Guides

McKinnon Pic Sundowner