Liz S. Regina , SK | Tanzania & Zanzibar | May 2018

Dear Jen, Thank you for planning such a fantastic trip to Africa. It was so above my expectations, everything was wonderful. The  group was great we all got on so well together. I met Lynda and Donelle on the Calgary plane, we hit it off instantly. I really enjoyed Dawns company, she is a true adventurer. It was such a dream holiday. All the accommodations were 4-5 star in my opinion, even the tents sometimes a long steep walk to get to! The food was very good too, most of the time, I’m a plain Jane! Issaya our guide driver was excellent. He knew just where to go to find the animals. He was such a good driver, manouvering all the rough roads, washed out roads, scary at times and flooded  roads. He took such good care of us. Such a nice person and full of information. The animals were unbelievable, so many right from day one in Tarangire Park, all those Elephants – one huge elephant thought of charging us Issaya just started the engine and calmly moved on! Some got wonderful photos of that. We saw so many different animals big and small. The most impressive were the Wildebeest and Zebras on their migration. Those majestic Giraffe took my breathe away, so beautiful. We were so close to so many. I was a little disappointed with Spicetown, it did not seem so well organised, from the airport to the Z hotel. The 3 tours in the one day were too much and very disjointed. Now the Z hotel was a fantastic ending, such nice proprietors, really made us welcome. The accommodation was great, also glad I had a balcony. The beach was fantastic, walking every day. So relaxing, none of us wanted to leave. Mind you getting there I wondered where we were going to land up as roads non existent!! This was the best, most enjoyable, memorable holiday I have ever been on. Definitely a dream come true! THANK YOU SO MUCH