Lorne T. Langley BC | Tanzania, Zanzibar, Victoria Falls & Cape Town | May 2017

Hi Thierry, First of all I had a wonderful time and the trip was all I thought it would be. The fellow that was my guide was Athman Somobwana, he was very experienced and we got along like brothers. I was not with a group but by myself with him as my private guide. Our time spent at Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater was magical, the list of wild life we saw was amazing even down to the Rhino we saw on our last day at the Crater. We saw a leopard haul a gazelle he had recently taken down up a tree and proceed to devour it as well as lions feeding on game at three different times. I was taken with the open wilderness at times and some of the artistic rock out cropping. All of our accommodation were first class and the people friendly and helpful. Zanzibar was quite a different experience, Stone Town an amazing old town that was a working town with market that was very interesting and the people willing to share their lives with a tourist ( I think being Canadian helped). The way of life for people that live there is very different but my guide said that is what they know and were very happy people. Our resort once again was first class and the beaches and Indian Ocean magnificent. I found the flights were all great and the contact at airports and lodges when being picked up were always on time, easy to find and hospitable. Victoria Falls (less the street vendors) was great to see. I helicoptered over the Falls since the water was  high and viewing from land was hard with the mist from falling water. My last stop at Cape Town was back to modern civilization. Great Hotel, restaurants, shopping and tours. I went up Table  Mountain and out to Robben Island as well as on their on and off bus tour service. All in all Thierry I am impressed with the work you did for me in organizing my tour and the people  that you are in contact on the African continent. I hope to business with you again in the near future. Lorne