Louise & David, North Vancouver BC | Botswana | November 2018

Thank you so much, Thierry! You put together a trip that we’ll never ever forget.
The Botswana safari was fabulous.  Everything was seamless, and we loved the bush plane flights (four we did).  Of the three resorts, Chobe was decent but not exceptional.  But more than adequate.   Ma Dinare was one of the nicest resorts we have stayed at anywhere, safari or otherwise, service and everything was top class and exceptional.  Best service we have had anywhere, and because there were so few people, we dined with the main guide and manager each night and it was really fun to talk to them. We loved the Delta! Tau Pan was remote and while not as fancy, the location, the scenery and the game drives were fantastic.  We had two lions, a male and female, right under our tent roaring in the middle of the night.  Woke us up.  We loved the Kalahari!