Marjan W. | Vancouver, BC | Zimbabwe, Botswana | May 2022

In April and May of this year I had the trip of a lifetime to parts of Africa and Heritage Safaris was a big part of it.
Thierry arranged my time in Zimbabwe and Botswana. It was the best part of my 7 week trip and I will return as soon as I can with the help of Heritage Safaris.
From booking 4 separate, exciting safaris in Botswana to an excellent stay in Victoria Falls.    I did not specify to Thierry what I wanted to do or see and he placed me in 4 totally different types of camps in Botswana. From walking with armed guides and looking for animal tracks in the blazing sun, a camp on the Chobe River where elephants were all around, a camp situated on stilts  in the Okavango Delta where each day you went out in a boat, to one where the migration was just starting so 3 or 4 thousand zebra were around but they were expecting 25,000 more !  Every camp surprised and delighted me not to mention the knowledge gleaned from the guides who are most knowledgeable and kind.
I cannot stress how much I was impressed with Thierry and Heritage Safaris and I would recommend his expertise in planning any foray to Africa.