Maureen & Andrew – North Vancouver BC | Kenya | January 2015

Hi Thierry!
Just wanted to tell you how incredibly wonderful this safari has been. I can’t begin to tell you everything we have seen and experienced. There was something really special every single day.
The camps were the best. We love Porini Camps and the Conservancies.
We feel honoured to have had the privilege to be guests there.
The people were so kind and welcoming and we learned a great deal. Our guides and drivers were so good it was unbelievable. They could see and hear everything and were so in tune to their environment. They knew exactly what they were doing. We enjoyed every one of them immensely. We made many friends here with the camp staff and guides and drivers
We also made many friends with people from the US ,Canada, England and Scotland as well as Italy and South Africa. We all had a great time.
If I had to pick one thing of the highlights it would have to be the curious cheetah cub that climbed into the back of the jeep with me to see what this was all about!  (Porini Lion Camp – Masai Mara Reserve)
Best Wishes
Maureen and Andrew