Maureen T. – Calgary, AB | Peru | May 2015

Hello Jen,   I just want you to know that when I travel I usually take time to research the destination more thoroughly, as well as hotels and attractions, etc.  This time around it was such a spur of the moment decision for me – but given the opportunity to join Cal & Heather I knew I couldn’t hesitate.  My biggest concern was that I had never heard of ‘The Heritage Safari Company’, and of course given the cost of the trip one worries about Consumer protection should something happen to the company.  I’ve worked in the Tourism industry for several years, travelled extensively and tend to book most trips thru AMA, because of their reputation I know I’m always protected.  I’ve seen a lot of tour operators go under over the years
I have to say, the trip was one of the most well-organized, flawless trips I’ve ever experienced.  Your suppliers in Peru were second to none, always there for us in a timely fashion, caring and friendly at all times.  The drivers were professional and we felt safe at all times.  The accommodation you chose Jen – making a change when you saw fit, were first class all the way – thank you for that.
I found Peru far exceeded my expectations – absolutely beautiful scenery and such friendly people.  They have clearly done a lot to promote tourism in their country.
It was truly a memorable and enjoyable experience thanks to your attention to detail Jen and your on-going concern for our well-being.  It is obvious you love what you do and I hope we can work together again one day soon!
Please feel free to pass my comments on as you like.
Thanks again,