Randy B. – De Winton, AB | Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana & South Africa | Oct 2014

Hi Jen,  The trip was fabulous. My wife and I recently traveled to Africa on a trip organized by Jen Lubey from Heritage Safaris.  It was exceptionally well organized, right from the outlines and discussions well in advance of the trip, to all the details during the trip.  Our trip was 23 days, through 5 countries, and involved several flights and guide co-ordinations.  There was not one hiccup in the arrangements.
Of particular challenge on our trip was my wife’s ankle, which she fractured in Amsterdam on our way to Africa.  She was on crutches the rest of the trip.  Africa is not particularly easy to get around on crutches.  We advised Jen, who contacted all of our lodges, camps, hotels to arrange for accommodation as close to the lobby/restaurant as possible.  As some of the tented camps are spread over large areas, this was invaluable.  A highlight of our trip was the gorilla trek in Rwanda.  This involves some fairly steep hiking through the jungle.  Jen arrange to have four trekkers and a pole stretcher (complete with pillows) carry my wife on their shoulders to see the gorillas.
The driver/guides we had were excellent. Especially Peter Mmbando from Sunny Safaris, who we had for 6 days in Tanzania.  We enjoyed all our accommodation selections, particularly The Elephant Camp in Zimbabwe.
Through design, the front end of our trip was busier, with more travel.  We slowed thing down towards the end and spent 4 days in Cape Town, which was a wonderful way to finish the trip.