Russell and Anna Marie K. Wetaskiwin AB | Kenya

Hi Thierry, Our experience on the safari surpassed our expectations !! Everything went according to your arrangements and we never had any unpleasant experiences ( except driving in Nairobi ). All the Lodges were great and we really appreciated the ability to stay late at the wonderful accommodations at the Fairview Hotel before boarding our plane late at night. We couldn’t imaging going on a game drive in the am and then driving back from Masi Mara to Nairobi airport and flying on. Having that extra overnight at Fairview was much more relaxing. We saw everything on this trip! It was like watching a National Geographic TV special live. Simply amazing. However, we must comment on our guide, John B. Kimalu. Simply put, he was outstanding!!! He’s about 60 years old and very experienced and knowledgeable. In addition, his sense of humor and friendliness made this trip an experience of a lifetime. We have made a new friend and invited him and his wife to visit us if ever they come to Canada. He seemed to have a 6th sense as to where the animals were and we were never disappointed. We are sure glad we had him as our guide. So in summary, the safari was was an amazing experience that will be with us forever. Thanks so much for making the arrangements. Sincerely,