Sheila & Graham, North Vancouver BC | Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana | Sept 2019

Hi Thierry, we had a fantastic time and you did an amazing job for us, honestly not a glitch!!    We could not get over how every time we arrived in a new camp our accommodation, wonderful as always, was so different from the previous location.  It made it very special. We sure were pretty spoiled with our first camp being Sweetwaters, wow what a spot the tents were so gorgeous.  We lucked out and literally saw 4 of the big 5 within an hour or so of entering the area.  The Ol Pajeta Conservancy was really amazing and I would say overall is where we actually saw most of the animals throughout the trip. It was funny as when we were in the dining room at Sweetwaters our first night there was a large group of Canadians from Ontario and there was a also a separate young family who we met, also from Ontario and guess what you booked them too.  Funny coincidence. We had a great day with Leonard in the Mara Triangle and saw lots and thoroughly enjoyed the Mara Serena Lodge. The travels were well and we were happy to be met by Leonce our next safari guide for Tanzania.  He was really great and enjoyed our time with us. We were so lucky to see the Leopards we had yet to see and also on our last day near the end of the day we saw the most incredible wildebeest  crossing complete with a crocodile kill!! Yikes!!  It was astounding the numbers of wildebeest we saw in the river and throughout the plains after they crossed really amazing. Zanzibar was a nice break for us for sure.   We just loved out stay at the Okavango Delta, it was so amazing to see everything by water and we loved our peaceful Mokoro boat rides and the chance to do a walking safari pretty amazing and a little scary too!!  The accommodation there is extremely beautiful and the staff were so nice. We absolutely loved Cape Town and the hotel was such a great location.  Our organized tours were amazing and we did some shopping and just had the very best time there. You did a fabulous job and we always felt safe and very well taken care of and your accommodation choices were beautiful.
I would have no hesitation recommending you to others for sure and in fact already have.  Thank you so much for everything Thierry.