Sheila L. Family, London ON | Kenya & Zanzibar ! May 2019

Hello Thierry,  Thank you so much for making all the arrangements for a truly great itinerary. I must say I had some concerns given the time of year, and expected weather effects on the terrain and animals, but it was not an issue. Perhaps we got lucky as the rainy season seemed to be delayed or diluted this year! We had perfect clear dry days and nights.  We saw EVERYTHING! Big 5, ugly 5, the Fab 5 (cheetah coalition)….
To begin; Right from our greeting at Jomo Kenyatta Airport, our day in Nairobi and throughout the safari, we were pleased with how friendly and well managed each segment was of our trip.
All accommodations were very comfortable with unique historical elements and/or beautiful surroundings. We were pleasantly surprised by how well appointed the Safari camps were and really enjoyed the close proximity to the wildlife.  Service and attention to our comfort and safety was five star. Food was excellent, fresh bottled water always available. At Elephant Bedroom Camp they even provided a special birthday dinner experience for our son.Our safari guide Leonard was exceptional, exhibiting as much enthusiasm and determination for finding animals as us. He was very friendly, patient, punctual accommodating and knowledgeable. There was a bit of a hiccup- our flight was diverted to Dar  es Salam with a 2 hour delay before continuing to Zanzibar. By this time our driver had left and we took a taxi to the Mizingani.  Next morning, I had located the contact information and we were back on track with our city walking tour and trip to Prison Island , which were very interesting and informative. We really appreciated the air conditioned ride to Bluebay Beach resort with a truly enjoyable spice tour along route. Omar our driver was very kind and accommodating and had us reimbursed for the taxi cost. The resort was absolutely lovely and (partly because it poured rain while there) we wished for more time to relax by the water. Two weeks went by far too quickly but it was packed with SO many memorable moments. We were calling this “ a once in a lifetime trip”,  however, we may want to see more of Africa’s other areas and will absolutely use your services when that time comes. Most sincerely,  Sheila, Kevin, Brandon and Travis L.