Shelene & Joel – Burnaby BC | Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar | May 2018

Hi Thierry, Thank you for booking our safari trip. It truly was a wonderful time! Aside from the tiny and non-essential little misunderstandings everything went perfectly well. I am amazed that with all the flight connections, driving, pick ups etc that everything worked out great. All of our guides were fantastic. We really enjoyed Game watchers when we were in Kenya. Government camp was certainly a highlight and a magical place to stay right in the heart of the Mara. Seeing the gorillas was breathtaking too and I am so glad and grateful we had the opportunity to see them. We enjoyed Rwanda quite a bit and wished we had stayed there a bit longer. We weren’t entirely happy with the Serena Hotels, we found them to be overrun with giant groups and the customer service and food was not the greatest compared to our other accommodations. Although we enjoyed our time in the Western Corridor, I don’t know if it was the best use of our Safari time at that time of year due to the rainy season. It was nice that it wasn’t very crowded but it was difficult to see animals and our time might have been better spent with more days in the Southern part or up in Masai Mara. Our hotel accommodation in Nairobi was fantastic and our resort stay in Zanzibar was the perfect amount of time and a pleasant place to rest before traveling back home. Both Joel and I will certainly recommend heritage safaris to our friends and family.