Sietske E & Stan C. – Calgary, AB | Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos | June 2017

Dear Jen, Thank you again for arranging another wonderful, exciting and spectacular trip.  You have made our adventures so enjoyable and worry free, plus you always go the extra mile to make it that much more memorable.  This trip to Peru to see Machu Picchu, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and the Andean Explorer train to Lake Titicaca exceeded our expectations.  And then there was Ecuador!  In Quito you were instrumental in initiating the local travel company in finding my old home, which we visited and was so very emotional.  We also visited the jungle close to where my father worked, and the unforgettable trip to the Galapagos. This was our third trip arranged by Jen Lubey, and because she does such an awesome job, we are planning yet another trip with Jen and Heritage Safaris in 2018. Looking forward to another trip of a lifetime.