Tanya and Steve – Gatineau QC | Tanzania, Uganda | Oct 2015

Since we have been back from our vacation, people often ask us what the highlight of our tour was. It is impossible to answer that question since it seemed every day, every hour, produced a new highlight!  Before we even started our vacation we were impressed by your professionalism. You consistently replied to our requests in a timely, courteous manner, and you quickly found us an itinerary that met everything we were looking for. Along the way, you were open and communicative about any amendments to our trip, and we were impressed with and thankful for the resources you sent us just prior to our departure. Truly, all we had to do was show up for our flight, and the rest was taken care of.  In Tanzania, the tour company, sunny safaris was exceptional. More than the company, was our tour guide, Peter. Peter is passionate and knowledgeable about Tanzania, its people, the land, and the animals. He was each day a smiling face, full if information, and just as eager as us it seemed to be on safari admiring the landscape and the behaviours of animals. The people in Tanzania are friendly, courteous and genuine. We sincerely had too many humbling, inspiring, and thrilling experiences to recount. All of the accommodations were fantastic. We loved camping among the animals in our ‘5 star’ tents. Uganda was a different story for us. Tanzania was certainly a force to be reckoned with, and left a seemingly insurmountable impression to out-do. Aspects of Uganda certainly moved us. Trekking with the gorillas was an adventure we will carry with us, and talk about with bright eyes and voices for the rest of our days. The accommodations when we were trekking the gorillas was amazing (Lake Mutanda). Breathtaking views of the Virungas, nestled in the valley of paradise. I am not sure I’ve ever seen more beautiful country side than that. Accommodation on our last day, Rwakoko Rock were perfect. We were over-joyed to spend our last day again camping among the animals.  We sincerely had the trip of our lives and have and will continue to recommend Heritage safaris as an amazing conduit for such a vacation.  We most certainly will be returning to Tanzania. Thank you so much for arranging this trip for us, and for all of your professionalism before and after our vacation.  All the best,  Tanya and Steve.