Galapagos Cruise Yacht La Pinta

Explore the Galapagos Islands on board the special ‘Yacht La Pinta’. This luxury yacht accommodates 48 guests, with large social areas, observation deck to the bow, bay windows, whirlpool, kayaks, boat with glass bottom, solarium … ideal for travelers looking for a sophisticated experience of this ‘living laboratory of evolution’. The cabins of the ‘Yacht La Pinta’ are among the largest and most comfortable of the boats in the Galapagos. An exciting 6 Night/ 7 Day itinerary (Friday – Thursday) promises a complete immersion into this unique environment, with enriching wildlife encounters accompanied by expert naturalist guides and complemented by impeccable service, delicious cuisine, elegant design and plenty of comfort on board. The crew embraces a spirit of adventure, while ensuring comfort and safety at all times.
Price US$ 6,515 per person sharing